Rev. Arthur Knapp House

50 Garfield Street
Watertown, Mass.

Year Built: 1881

This asymmetrical Queen Anne style house is 2-stories in height and is composed of cross gables, dormers, bays and porches. Shingle patterns, strap-work, window arrangement, turned and incised wood work enliven the exterior in a picturesque composition of varied and interesting detail. This house clearly stands above the general level of Queen Anne houses of the period in Watertown and is one of the designs of architect Charles Brigham and was built in 1881. This was the first house to be built on the street.

This house was originally numbered 12 Garfield Street prior to May 31, 1912.

Knapp purchased this plot and others from Charles Brigham in 1881. He lived in the house from 1881-1889, when he then conveyed it to William H. Potter, a wholesale grocer, who lived here from 1889 to 1930.

There is a photograph of this house on file with Historic New England from ca. 1889.


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